The Expense of Fast Food Essay

The Expense of Fast Food Essay

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The Expense of Cheap Fast Food
What are your chances of getting overweight from eating fast foods? Very minute if you know the specific amount of nutrients required for your body. However, the possibilities swells if you are not given proper details about the food you are consuming. Nearly two-thirds of the adults and one-third of children are overweight in America. It is incredible that the growth rate of obesity has skyrocketed over some mere decades. But who is responsible for the epidemic and how can it be resolved? Can government or fast food industries be accused for individual’s lack of responsibility, or is it industries fault for making visually appealing foods without mentioning their upshots? David Zinczenko, the author of “Don’t Blame the Eater” highlights that fast food industries are to be blamed for this epidemic, while Radley Blako in his “What You Eat is Your Business” article foregrounds on the lack of responsibility shown by individuals towards their diet, and government intervention would harm civil liberties. In my opinion, an individual should be responsible enough to take care of his body and should not be a burden for others.
Radley Balko, a senior editor at Reason, a monthly magazine, in his article “What you Eat is Your Business” makes the point that government interventions and pointing the finger at fast food companies would not solve this epidemic. “For decades now, America’s health care system has been towards socialism” (Balko 396). Here the author asserts that our system advocates the production to be done by community as a whole. A huge portion of our tax money is spent on entitlement programs, which pays for obese people’s medicine. State legislature and boards have also called for...

... middle of paper ... be propitious, but various small activities can be influential. Teaching a child how to cook, restricting deserts, and being informative about food diet is the least parents should do to their child. Regarding the food industry, I am adamant that they do not care for our health and are propelled by the amount of riches they can make. There can be only one remedy to this menace, that is being responsible and not get driven by the fact that fast food are cheap. Government can also help reduce this problem. There has to be long-term plan, rather than these small term plans of increasing the tax on fast foods, or soda. Subsidizing small industries that produce healthy food is not an immediate success, but in the long run it would be very beneficial. In a nutshell, everyone pay a role in dwindling this epidemic, but at the core of it is an individual’s responsibility.

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