Essay about Expectations For A High School Student

Essay about Expectations For A High School Student

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Out of Time and Overworked
Expectations for a high school student tend to be set dependent on the student. If looked at from a by stander point of view, higher motivated students tend to be the ones who are in multiple clubs or sports and maintain a high GPA. Although this seems to be the ideal image for a successful student, there are many hidden problems to this kind of lifestyle. With maintaining a high GPA comes hours of studying and homework. Being a member in a club requires taking at least 30 minutes out of a day to attend meetings and be a participant in the numerous activities offered by those clubs. But, many honor students are signed into multiple clubs which will double or even triple the time they spend participating in these events. Aside from clubs and academics comes sports and jobs. Sports are the energy for many high schools in the United States, motivating teenagers to join a team. Finally, comes the gruesome task of juggling a job into the chaotic schedule. High school students usually will go to school for 7 hours, go home, then go to their job and arrive back at home at a late time. Although many choose to do this, it tends to take a toll on the mental and physical health of the individual. The question spawning from all of this is, “Are high school students overworking themselves or is it society pushing them to this point?”
The first motive for success is to maintain good grades throughout a high school career. Good grades come from hours of homework and study. Homework is assigned almost each night and students are given about ten minutes in class to begin the homework. “Many teachers pride themselves on giving no more than an hour of homework per night. But we take five classes. And play sports. And pl...

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...r down. Many times students do not know how to manage their time so they allow themselves to work on a night that they really should be studying or at a football game. I believe that high school students need time off of all this chaotic mess to regain self-motivation and energy.
“The teen years are stressful enough without the added pressure of academic concerns, job responsibilities and worries about the future” (Miller). Given the amount of pressure that a high school student has on them, you would think it would be much clearer to teachers, administration, and even employers. They are facing problems left and right and trying to prioritize things that seem to all fall at the top of everyone else’s list. Although, some may argue that this is exactly what life will be like outside of high school, is it necessary to introduce this lifestyle now?

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