The Expectation of Marriage in Young New Couples Essay

The Expectation of Marriage in Young New Couples Essay

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A couple is always dreaming about having a happy family and perfect future for their life after getting married. Culture and gender roles in developed as well as developing countries have been shifting in the last three decades. In some Asian countries, because of influences of Western cultures and improving economy, there are many women starting to work in order to support their families rather than staying home. Surprisingly, now men have to share family responsibilities with their wives in household chores and taking care children while women are working. Society has been updating and changing in many aspects that lead to change the expectation of marriage in ways of living, changing roles in financial independence and management and sharing household tasks between husbands and wives.
Nowadays, many couples and new families decide the way of their living. In my country, Vietnam, now husbands and wives are no longer depend on supporting from their parents after getting married. In the past, most of new married couple lived in their parents’ house, and received help from family. Differently, at this time young new married couples would like freedom for their lives and they want to try creating their own families without supporting family that is why they move out of their parents’ houses after marriage, and choose the ways of their livings. In other words, they choose a modern lifestyle in their expectation of marriage that is similar to American lifestyle rather than receiving supports from the parents under traditional style. In the article “Breadwinning Wives”, Barbara Stanny says: “The trend is creating a new freedom for men and women alike but also forcing couple to resolve new conflict arising from their roles, parenting s...

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...couples have high expectations for their lives in order to create better living standard for their children in the future with their affords and sacrifices today.

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