Essay about Expansion Throughout The United States

Essay about Expansion Throughout The United States

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Expansion throughout the U.S. has made this country gain it superiority within the countries of the world. These ideas of expansion have lead the U.S. to the most powerful country in the world and also making it the country that is the most involved in world affairs. This idea of expansion that has derived from the very ideals that religion gave to our early individuals that felt it was a right to expand all around the world mainly controlling the U.S., which mainly had belonged to Mexico who lost territory during the Mexican-American war. These ideas that came from the early time of the frontier and other great ways that perceived that we are determined to gain more land through expansionism. To me I agree with the idea of expansion since it allow the U.S. to become a great country through war and just great economic tactics that lead the U.S to create many markets around the world through expansion.
The U.S. has its main push to create more territory in the idea to create more wealth and even greater markets that can benefit them like the control of the Chinese markets by gain advantage from the open door policy, which gave a them increase in trade markets in China. As the U.S. kept expanding they went take over more and more markets that allowed them to control China which was described as the, “Flowery Kingdom”, (The American Promise, 553). These policies that were being implemented by the United States were causing panic within the Germany and Japan who were felling the presence that the United States was becoming a great power and thus creating a danger to the twin pillars that America’s expansion policies had created. These policies were only possible by the threats that America made against European countries while the U...

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...ization or in other words expansion within countries in South America like Cuba, Panama (which the U.S. still has strong ties with businesses in that country), Puerto Rico, and many other countries that still have strong influences in government ways from United States.
Although expansion can be seen something bad, I see it as something that has benefited all of the world as a whole allowing for different markets to open up. Yes this need for expansion has resulted in many wars and battles but at the end it just creates more wealth in the world economy. These pushes that have lead for great thing that I agree with since the expansionist have created more wealth throughout the world have created better places throughout the world. I agree and support expansionist and the moves they take make and have more land for themselves while helping for the benefit of others.

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