The Expansion Of Western Influence Essay

The Expansion Of Western Influence Essay

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The expansion of Western influence was in accord with developing technologies. Technology gained popularity as it began making things easier and more efficient, opening new possibilities for improvement and growth. A notable factor in the 14th and 15th centuries was the first printing press. The outcome of improvements upon this idea is still heavily influential today.
Societal traditions slowed the success of the printing press significantly. The market for books had its place in culture, with scribes hand copying manuscripts for requests from wealthy people. This system was slow and tedious but had become the normal way to spread books. Improvements in paper and how it was contained were accepted and mixed into the market, but the idea of a printing press was one that was taken with controversy and caution. (Pettegree)
Those who owned books were often very wealthy, because the cost of these hand scribed writings were high. They felt that the printing press would make books too affordable for people of lower social classes, which was undesirable. This idea was commented on in The Book in the Renaissance, “[The wealthy book owners felt that] a flood of cheap books encouraged the wrong sorts of readers.” (Pettegree 43)
The demand for books rose though, and with it, a need for a system update. Royals and nobles started their own book collections, showing a symbol of their wealth and wisdom. This caused a need for high quantities of books to be made in little time, something hand scribes could simply not do. Also, with the expansion of religion came a need for production of large numbers of religious texts. To make the situation even more compatible for the start of printing presses, the trade routes were beginning to grow and deve...

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...ce. The newspapers have caused drama and controversy in many substantial points in history. The idea of getting information to people in writing is one that is still practiced today, even though the tradition is slowly dying with the takeover of technology. The internet is starting to take over print news, but many people still appreciate the old comfort of sitting down with a paper. It is this culture of older generations that keeps newsprint in the most literal sense, alive today. This is only one of the many examples of how social pressures and desires have always had stock in the way that the press has been run.
Of these things that have originated from the printing press, many are still around today. Examples of this can be seen in more than just the typical newspaper printing. Computer printers of all types got some sort of origination from the printing press.

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