Expansion Of The Railroad During America Essay

Expansion Of The Railroad During America Essay

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Expansion of The Railroad in America
Railroads made a huge contribution to the growth of the United States, they led to many advances throughout American History. There were numerous matters the railroads effected in American development and the framework of the country. The railroad had positive and negative effects on America as a whole through the growth of the industry, such as; encouraged western expansion, enhanced the economy, recognized railroad monopolies, assisted the Union in Civil War, helped keep the country together, and created a high expense cost for the nation.
The railroad coexisted with Western Expansion, the railroad allowed for quicker travel and Western Expansion allowed for the railroad business to progress. The Transcontinental Railroad was a product of Western Expansion and the construction of more railroads. The Transcontinental Railroad began to be built after the Pacific Railroad Act passed in 1862, that promoted and aided the construction of this railroad. The Transcontinental Railroad was built to link the east to the west in the United States. The Central Pacific and The Union Pacific Railroad Companies were appointed the task of completing the railroad where they would race to finish first and reach the west coast. Before the Transcontinental Railroad, railroads were only used to connect local cities on the east coast. The railroads on the east coast were used for travel from town to town, but it was less likely that you would travel to a major city by train because there were not railroad in this area during this time. They were also used for the transportation of goods by farming regions to ocean or river ports to continue the passage by water. In the Midwest, also known as Corn Belt, the majorit...

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...mpact on what the United States is today. The railroad helped pave the way for expansion and development in the United States, with railroads still being used today for interstate commerce and transportation of certain goods, like coal and oil. The Sherman Trust Act was established from the railroad to prevent monopolies from happening in the United States today, which was one of the negatives that was recognized around the time of the railroad being brought into the everyday life in America. The railroad also had its downfalls that took away from the progress, for example, the expense to the United States and the discrimination to different races during the construction of Transcontinental Railroad. The railroad, just like everything in American History, had major positive and major negative effects, however it was allowed us to grow into a more industrial nation.

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