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Expansion Of The Great Of Macedon Or Rome Essay

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Expansion is a significant element of most ancient cultures. However, not many reach the expansion magnitude of either Alexander the Great of Macedon or Rome. Both cultures are known for some of histories most breath taking expeditions of their times. Though the journey may have been troubling for these societies, both cultures brought great honor and wealth home in their own distinctive ways. While both the culture of Rome and Macedon during the time of Alexander the Great have quite a large number of differences in their dreams of expansion and how to maintain the home front while the soldiers are away, the similarities they share of scare tactics and how to handle their Greek neighbors are undeniable.
In broad terms, both Rome and Macedon had the same dream: expansion. However, the way they executed their dreams tends to differ. Alexander the Great looked in one direction when it came to the land he would like to conquer. His eyes were set for the East and the East alone (Martin, Ancient Greece, 221). This lead him to conquer not only the vast lands of the Persian Empire, but also Egypt, Bactria, parts of Asia, and pieces of India in his goal to reach the edge of the earth (Martin, Ancient Greece, 248). Rome, however, was not so narrow-minded. While their attention did stray to the eastern lands such as Greece, they did not settle there. They took their expansions in all directions during the Punic Wars, not only conquering Carthage, but also Sicily, Spain, Gauls, and Greece as well (Martin, Ancient Rome, 71-78). Their expansion extended in all directions, while Alexander kept his troops marching East.
However, these were not the only differences between these two expeditions. While Alexander the Great was off setting the Ea...

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...over Greece as a monarch (Martin, Ancient Rome, 78).
While Rome and Macedon both share a great similarity between their dealings with Greeks and their scare tactics to their enemies during the time of their expansion, they are still vastly different in their home life during the wars and the way in which they expanded their empires. Both of these empires were able to conquer vast lands to enrich their cities and bring glory to their name. In doing so they managed to make many rivals, but against all odds they showed the world just how clever and dangerous they truly are. By this account, even though these countries share some similarities, this does not diminish the impact these cultures had on the times they were alive. They ruled with the strong hand of a right king, and though these tactics might seem merciless to some, it is the way to rule a land effectively.

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