The Expansion Of The European Empire Essay

The Expansion Of The European Empire Essay

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The expansion of the European empire caused an increase in the slave trade. The new world caused the population of people who was interested I free labor to increase and Africa seemed to have an indefinite amount free labor. The introduction of the African slave trade to the Europeans lead to the end of the old way of slavery and the more modern way. The European new world slave system was worst than others because slaves became property of their masters. Also the level of social misery was increased. The slaves are enslaved their entire life and have to watch their kids and family go through the same treatment or sometimes worst. The family are also often split up in the American slave trade which cause more misery to the slaves. The Europeans gave may justifications on why it was okay to treat the slaves the way they did and they completely believed that the slaves were better off under their control. The justifications of the enslavement of the Africans through the European imperial expansion is highly based on the mindset the of Europeans and how they perceived the Africans.
The mindset of the European played a big part in the justification of the imperial expansion and slavery. The Africans where different from the Europeans and lived in a different way. The belief that the African everyday life was considered as a form a slavery, “…every great Man is absolute lord of his immediate Dependents. And lower still; every Master of a Family is Proprietor of his Wives, Children, and Servants; and may at his Pleasure consign them to Death, or a better Market” (Mercator 1). The Europeans believed that the Africans are actually better off enslaved in the Americas, “…there are more people in some boasted regions of liberty, under a ...

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...een as why the Europeans did not see the wrong I the in enslavement of the Africans. Many Europeans saw that it was okay to enslave the Africans in the new world because many were already enslaved in their homelands, but the type of enslavement was very different from the type of enslavement the Africans endured in their homelands. The conditions of the African homelands were perceived as being harsher to the Europeans. This type of thinking leads them to believe that Africans are actually better off as being slaves in the new world. Europeans also used the physical characteristics of the Africans that differ from their own as a way to look at the African people as beings that are below them. Justification of the European expansion can be seen to derive from the ethnocentric way the European thought and their bias thoughts towards native people of the African lands.

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The Expansion Of The European Empire Essay

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