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During the period of 1640-1690 the expansion of the Caribbean “economy, was made possible by the expansion of the European colonisation over the Atlantic. However Africans were captured for slave trade to sustain the development of sugar industry, through slave labour to produce sugarcane.” (Grouchier & Walton, 1629: 418-420). The scramble for Africa brought about gender inequality within the African society, the European invasion in the Atlantic introduced some political conflicts regarding the demand for economic control and to take over the Atlantic. (Hornsby & Hermann, 2005: 127). Nevertheless sugar plantation was jointly supported by the cooperate finance and the state. (Stuart, 2004: 3-8). However according to Richards most sugar plantation owners would have to anticipate that their international investors would desire a large amount of raw sugar. (Richard, 1974: 38). nevertheless the attitude of the plantation owners was partly due to an increased amount of “optimism” and partly because of the difficulty of international communications in the 17th century. This shared attitude brought a lot of farmer’s to debtor’s prison while some extremely prospered. (Mints, 44-45). Nevertheless this essay will pay attention to economic, political and social consequences of the sugar revolution in the Caribbean.
It has been argued that the sugar revolution has affected the Caribbean drastically as a result of the sugar revolution; economically there was a labour problem which was caused by the change from Tobacco to Sugar. “The manufacturing of Sugar cultivation was much needed for some workers to practice manual labour.” (Galen son, 1989: 112). There were people who tried to get workers like the Spaniards who tried to get the Arawak to w...

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