The Expansion of Social Regulation Essay

The Expansion of Social Regulation Essay

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Social regulation has expanded tremendously over the last decade. This expansion is not only attributed to the increases in federal dollars allocated to regulation but also to the expansion of the social regulation arena. This expansion is a result of an increase in regulatory agencies, increased authority granted to regulators, the increase of technology, national security threats, and national mood. In order to fully understand the evolution of social regulation, we must first understand the core principals and purpose of regulation so that we may identify catalyst for this tremendous growth. This paper will first define social regulation. Next, a brief history of the pathway to today’s modern regulation environment will be laid out. Following, issues and trends that have affected programs will be discussed. Lastly, insight on the possible direction of social regulation in the future will be offered.
Social Regulation- A Utilitarian idea
According to Salamon, social regulation is aimed at restricting behaviors that directly threaten public health, safety, welfare, or well-being (157). He states that there are four elements of Social Regulation: (1) rule that govern expected behavior. (2) Standards that serve as benchmarks, (3) sanctions for non-compliance and (4) administrative apparatus that enforces rules and administers sanctions (Salamon, 158). Dr. Charles Kay, a professor at Wofford College defines Utilitarianism as a theory that defines morality in terms of the maximization of net expectable utility for all parties affected by a decision or action. This theory is in line with the government’s social regulation efforts. The Federal government cohersively or incentivizes

compliance of federal standar...

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...hers has been sustaining such a powerful and progressive nation since its conception and will remain to do so in the future.

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