The Expansion Of Prisoners ' Rights Essay

The Expansion Of Prisoners ' Rights Essay

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I believe that the expansion of prisoners’ rights, since the famous Cooper v. Plate (1964) case, has been a great thing. For a long time prisoners were treated like they were not a person, like they were the filth of this earth. They had no rights and were not offered any type of protection within the correctional system. With the Cooper v. Plate case, came the law that the prisoners’ rights would be protected by the constitution. This also led to prisoners being able to file lawsuits against state officials who may be violating their rights, and their overall treatment within the correctional system. These were luxuries that prisoners had not had before. They were not given the basic human rights, nor were their rights protected by the constitution. No one had truly advocated for prisoner rights, until this case. This case paved the way for prisoner rights and the humane treatment for all.
After the Cooper v. Plate case, many new laws came into place that pushed for prisoner equality, equal treatment under the law, humane treatment, protection from unjust officials/laws, and more. I believe that great things have followed this case and that inmates do have more protection than they had previously had. I believe that all of these changes were for the better and that without them inmates would still be being treated badly and their rights would not be acknowledged or respected.
We offer an adequate range of protections and rights to prisoners today. I do not really think that there is much more we could offer. Perhaps enforcing harsher policies on abuse within the jail, whether it be physical, sexual, or emotional. All the time individuals are being victimized within the prison system and many of them may not receive any defense...

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...soners should not just become another statistic, they need to change their behavior. If we don’t provide them with the resources to do so, then they should be able to sue any prison that is depriving them of such. Prisoners need programs and services to improve their behavior while in corrections. Otherwise they have all of this free time to work with other criminals. Prison is slowly becoming a school for criminals, which is why it is more important than ever to change these individuals bad behavior. Prisoners have the right to resources that will only help them to improve. If we do not allow these individuals to sue for their rights, then how are they going to have any, and how is anyone going to be able to help them? They deserve to have opportunities to get better, and if prisons are not providing them any, the prison itself should be punished for not doing so.

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