The Expansion of Japan after WWI Essay

The Expansion of Japan after WWI Essay

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The era before and during World War 2 was the most decisive and eventful of Japanese history. After World War 1 Japan looked to expand their empire where they ended up with territories like Taiwan, Korea, Manchuria, and parts of northern China. Japan saw World War 1 as an advantage to take advantage of European countries destroyed from the war. They were able to use this to advance their economy by creating a trade surplus. Because of this Japan suffered less from the Great Depression than other industrialized nations. Japan was becoming more of a nation that believed in the military more than the citizens. So, you see a vast rise in militarism and militaristic leaders. The rise in this militarism was due to the Japanese looking to expand to new territories for more natural resources and to secure a economic independence. Japan was able to seize sugarcane in the Philippines, coal in China, petroleum from the Dutch Indies Burma, and tin and Bauxite from the Dutch East Indies and Malaya. So as you can see this time in. Japanese history was really based around expanding and militarism.
The Japanese economy was vastly growing with this expansion era, until the Pacific war when the economy started to decline. After the war Japan and its territories were destroyed by money inflation and shortages in resources. This destruction brought the Japanese economy to a standstill. Most of Japan's gains since 1868 were wiped out. Japan's factories took a huge hit, with 40% of factories destroyed, it took 15 years to get back to the level of production before. The new factories were now equipped with the newest and best technology. This gave Japan an advantage over its competitors. Japan, even though being destroyed by war looked to rebuilding....

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... gun to his chest and pulling the trigger. I'm sure he was thinking and hoping that he would end his life then and there. Some how he missed and his heart and wasn't killed. He was saved by American soldiers who took him to seek medical help. At this time, Tojo was accused of investigating Japan's foreign policy and the harsh abuse he used against prisoners in the war. Later on Tojo was found guilty of all the crimes he committed and was hung on December 23, 1948. As you can tell, Tojo's lived a pretty miserable last couple years of his life.
Hideki Tojo was a very intelligent man just like his the person he admired the most, Adolf Hitler, but decided to use his talents for evil. The way Tojo wanted to direct the war led caused several problems on the world stage, especially with the United States. Which would then lead to nuclear warfare between the two countries.

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