Essay on The Expansion Of Economic Globalization

Essay on The Expansion Of Economic Globalization

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The expansion of economic globalization in the face of various challenges, the company in order to address these challenges, the company management also is constantly changing. For example, from the strategic management process management, the company 's internal management of the company 's external management, from the behavior of the strict management to corporate culture management, and so on, in these changes, the company strategic management is the core status. Company strategic management research from the 1960 s, mainly experienced the following stages: the first is the 60 s and 70 s of the 20th century, the famous American management scientist chandler opened the company strategy research, he analyzed the internal and external environment, strategy and organization, the relationship between the proposed "structure following strategy point of view, the company 's external environment and internal resources environment determines the company should take what kind of strategy and implementation strategy will better, the company 's organizational structure must adapt to the company strategy, change strategies. Second, in the early 1980 s, professor Michael porter of Harvard University in the United States (Michael porter) is the company 's strategic management theory, he points out that the core of the company 's strategy is to obtain competitive advantage, and in terms of the influence factors of competitive advantage, porter is analyzed from different levels, five model is put forward, the value chain theory and diamond model, and so on, to analyze the influence factors of the company competitiveness. Since the 1990 s, with the rapid development of information technology, the changing competitive environment, corporate str...

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... of this system is company yong lead in the domestic private sector, the move also in its development is the most difficult period for the company provides a very important financing channels, to help it through. At the same time the company through a lot of spiritual as well as the strengthening and edge tool of communication between employees, the company from the sound to reward, and formed the honorary, for employees of dribs and drabs progress awarded the honor to be linked to the establishment of the material at the same time, this should make your employees recognize the company 's emphasis on the recognition of its own value so as to make the employee more willing to contribute themselves to more active to participate in the operation of the company, their power and for the company, so that the company 's competitive advantage naturally improve productivity.

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