Essay on The Expansion Of Christianity And Christianity

Essay on The Expansion Of Christianity And Christianity

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All around the world people practice different religions however one thing remains the same; religion plays a large role within every society, in fact, its what most of us live for. However throughout history many religions were not as easily accepted as they are today. Throughout antiquity Christians faced a plethora of turmoil and hatred due to their misunderstood beliefs, practices and “disobedience” however, such obstacles failed to seize the growth and development of the faith. The Christian goal was to spread the word of Jesus and recruit as many new followers as possible. Due to such ambition, the expansion of Christianity and Catholicism largely impacted the development of Western Civilization and our culture today with Christianity being “the dominant religion within our planet” (Backman 206).
The idea of a Christian church or organization was formed so that those who followed the faith could have a foundation for worship. Such organizations basic structure derived after the resurrection of Jesus and through the efforts of spreading Christianity from word of mouth. Although such interactions helped jumpstart the development of Christianity, there were still very few followers within the Roman Empire due to the Christian prosecutions and the Roman idea that Christians lacked proper loyalty; the Romans didn’t feel as though the Christians were true patriots of Rome therefore they wanted to rid her (Rome) of them. Because of such ideals, what little Christians that did reside within Rome “practiced their faith in private, gathering in homes, in remote spots outside the city, in caves, or in warehouses—Wherever they might escape notice” (Backman 221).
The organization of Christianity doesn’t stop there, it co...

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...ty of God).
In conclusion, Christianity’s role within the Roman Empire grew exponentially and influenced Western civilization as it stands today. Although such faith faced many trials and tribulations along the way, the religion continued to spread creating an organization for love, faith and brotherhood. Due to such development the powerful Catholic Church was formed creating its own interpretation of Christianity, which contributed to even more converters of the faith.

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