Essay on The Expansion of Buffalo Wild Wings

Essay on The Expansion of Buffalo Wild Wings

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Country Study
This study will focus on the casual dining restaurant and sports bar Buffalo Wild Wings which primarily sells buffalo wings, and its potential international expansion into China, one of the worlds fastest growing major economies. In order to gain a better understanding of China, it is important to understand the environmental factors associated with the country. I will begin by discussing economic, geographic, and political-legal factors.
According to a 2013 estimate of purchasing power parity, China has a GDP of $13.3 trillion. It has a 7.6% GDP real growth rate and ranks 120th in the world in GDP per capita. One of the prime advantages of China is a populous labor force that ranks first in the world, totaling 797 million evenly split between agriculture and services with a few less working in the industrial sector. The unemployment rate is a manageable 6.4% and a 7.7% industrial production growth rate. China exports electrical and other machinery, data processing equipment, apparel, radio telephone handsets, textiles, and integrated circuits primarily to Hong Kong and the United States, as well as to Japan and South Korea. China also imports electrical and other machinery as well as oil and mineral fuels, metal ores, nuclear machinery components, optical and medical equipment, motor vehicles and soybeans. Its primary import partners are South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, United States, Australia, and Germany. China utilizes transportation through its 507 airports, and a railway system that ranks 3rd in the world totaling 86,000 km. China also makes use of its roadways totaling in excess of 4,000,000 km and stakes claim to the largest amount of navigable waterways in the world. Major seaports include: Dalian, Ningbo,...

... middle of paper ... Internationally, our competition is far less and we have the opportunity to monopolize the market. Although the cost of entry may initially be steep, I would expect to turn a substantial profit within just a few short years based on the growing economy and lack of competition.

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