The Expansion Of America During The 19th Century Essay

The Expansion Of America During The 19th Century Essay

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The expansion of America resulted in many different factors. The colonization
and development of colonies along with the idea of manifest destiny. Manifest
Destiny was a concept that heavily influenced American policy in the 1800’s. It
put a lot of emphasis on rapidly expanding americas territories into the west from
the east, and was very appealing to the citizens. President James Knox Polk was
a strong believer that this idea was essential to maintain a successful society.
From the day he was sworn in he knew, and the country knew, that he would be
expanding America as large as he could whether it be by peace or by war. Many
agreed with him on his take of expanding while some did not. President Lincoln
agreed with expanding, but not on the ways he was going to do it. Hence the
Mexican War. He believed he was decieving the people by leaving important
pacts out of arguments. The mexican war was a monumental point in the
expansion of america. It opened up a whole new world to the west and created
completely diverse economies. Whether he took the correct actions or not in the
Mexican war the result showed that it created a much bigger America.
Manifest Destiny was a term coined by John L. O’Sullivan in 1845. He said,
“justification for white settlers to take land they coveted”. (Roark 370) It was the
idea that the United States was predefined by god to expand and control land
throughout North America and exercise dominance over its neighbors. Americas
population was increasing dramatically because of immigrants pilling in, “Our
populaition has increased from three to twenty million”. (Polk 1) This was a
reason James Polk argued that the expansion was necessary. President Jackson
had created ...

... middle of paper ...

...e not correct. His main argument was that the boundary line was unclear. He also strongly believed that the United States marched onto Mexican soil and they were defending their territory.
The actions taken as a result of the concept of Manifest Destiny was a
monumental moment in American history. It led to transportation systems being
built immense amount of new land and supplies, and a second ocean for trade. It
created the gold rush and created the foundation of the United States that we
know today. Polk was an aggressive president who ruled with an iron fist not
letting anything stop him from expanding America. Although some of his calls
were questioned by politicians such as Lincoln, he acquired an immense amount
of new land and extended America greatly. Without his presidency there would be no telling what the United States could have looked like.

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