Essay on Expansion Of A New Wood Yard

Essay on Expansion Of A New Wood Yard

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In the 1793 map it shows that there has been some expansion since 1776 as there has been a new pier added to the harbour. This might be to abide with higher usage of the dock and to make easier access for ships. This shows that some development has taken place. There is also a new wood yard this might be to combat demand. At this stage though is no real drastic changes taking place which indicates that development and expansion at the time was fairly slow.

In the 1833 plan there is clear signs of development and expansion that have taken place. The harbour is now larger which shows the development that has taken place since 1776. It has developed from a small harbour to one that consists of two large docks and two harbours. The expansion has clearly been made to cope with demand and usage. There has also been land that has been set aside for warehouses and to be filled up meaning there is more development and expansion to come. There has also been land set aside for more homes which probably has come as a direct result of the high amount of required jobs and booming business. This shows that at this stage development and expansion was very much and ongoing and planned out for example the new planned harbour and dock.

By the plans of 1846 vast amount of development and expansion had taken place. To start with the dock and harbour that was planned to be built has now been built this shows that development has taken place and expansion as the harbour is now much larger. All the planned housing has been built so the population is much larger and now the amount of land mass has increased thus showing expansion. The set aside land at the harbour has now been filled with warehouses. There is now a big increase in business in Dundee ...

... middle of paper ... the opportunity of living and working in a growing place. They also became part of the industrial revolution so they were very important to the advancement of the revolution. It also encouraged many Irish to immigrate over to Scotland and Dundee this was because they had the chance of a better life than in Ireland. This changed Dundee as it changed the religious divide in the community by having increasing numbers of Catholics coming over but this helped to shape society.

The is no denying that industrialisation had a massive impact on Dundee. Dundee would not be the way it was if it were not for the expansion and development that happened during the 19th Century. Businesses grew as did the population. It was so influenetial because of the work and effect Dundee had on the docks and factory work of the whole of Scotland this means the impact was huge to Dundee.

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