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The Expansion Of A New City Essay example

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In the early 1900’s the dense urban living is greatly affecting Europe. The popularity of the automobile is slowly beginning to rise amongst the every day citizen and there are already raised train railways. The European Futurist are looking to raze old cities to create more space for a new city, and maximize efficiency of space, and there are also the proponents for the Garden City looking to lessen the congestion of cities and promote a healthier lifestyle.
The European Futurists envisioned a city that was “…active, mobile, and everywhere dynamic, and the modern building like a gigantic machine.” This city was to be modern, demolishing the old city that existed and abolishing ornamentation on buildings and homes. “They depict skyscrapers with battered walls and canted buttresses, external elevator shafts that stand clear of the upper floors… and large illuminated skyline advertising, and …plunged into multiple levels of circulation…” Antonio Sant’Elia, a major proponent of this movement, wanted the new city to recognize the advancement of technology and the current transportation and look to optimize these features to create a fast paced lifestyle. Eugene Henard had invented the rotary traffic and the double-level overpass. This allowed for less traffic congestion and a quicker means of moving through the city. The real estate would be fully optimized to get as much massing on it as possible to aid in the dense population and create more space for the traffic of the automobile, trains and even helicopters or airplanes.
In contrast to the European futurists, Ebenezer Howard released a book in 1898 called Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform. Spiro Kostof writes in regards to the underlying message that “The industrializ...

... middle of paper ... is also seen throughout Europe and the United States.
In conclusion, both of these movements seek to serve a purpose. The European Futurist look to serve a need for mass population, mass production, and less congestion while the Garden City looks to serve a need for less population, closer countryside and more greenery. The benefits of the European Futuristic city lessen the flow of traffic and provide more transportation to its civilians and a maximization of space for economic purposes. The Garden City looks to promote greenery and open space, creating a near even ratio between massing and open area, and promote a healthier lifestyle for the citizens. Since the industrial revolution to present day, the need for both of these movements has been high. To best optimize the positive attributes of these movements, there should be an equal balance between the two.

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