Expanding the Heavy Duty Truck Market to Eastern Asian Countries Essay

Expanding the Heavy Duty Truck Market to Eastern Asian Countries Essay

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The expansion team has done an extensive study and market research has identified that there is huge growth potential and a very lucrative business opportunity for manufacturers wanting to sell heavy-duty trucks to Eastern Asian countries. One thing to remember by choosing a new international market is that ethical situations may arise. Specific marketing strategies used elsewhere may not work in Eastern Asian market, so knowing and being able to account for cultural differences will be important.
When moving into the Japanese market, the company will have to be very aware of formalities and cultural variables. Japan has a long history of tradition that carries over even to business dealings, so the American way of marketing business could be considered rude and hasty.
Some major Japanese cross-culture issues that may impact the marketing approach are: being able to understand formal business traditions; gifting; and understanding conditions affecting product pricing.
The Japanese are steeped in their culture, which includes formal business traditions. Just entering their country, setting up an internet website, dropping some brochures, and sending a few corporate letters or emails will not get a marketing team in the door. Approaching the Japanese culture should be done carefully since they put a very high value on reputation, professionalism, and trust. Even the act of presenting or receiving a business card properly can result in a successful contact or a failed venture. Not being dresses appropriately for the meeting will be considered an insult. Rumors can even ruin a business in Japan! The company needs to establish a good business relationship with potential clients before they will consider purchasing a pro...

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...’s not needed, just on fear of losing the sale. Marketing strategies common in the United States would need to be restructured in order to win customer’s support in the Japanese market.
Due to the complexity of the Japanese culture, one of the best possible solutions to minimize obstacles would be to hire a mediation expert to the staff or hire a mediation firm that speaks and reads the language fluently, knows intimately the culture and formal procedures, understands contracts and currency, and knows the proper entrance and exit strategies for doing business in Japan. All individuals interacting with the Japanese clients or prospects would need to be properly trained in order to avoid cross-cultural issues that may arise. Doing this should greatly improve the company’s marketing strategies and help the expansion team to secure another international market.

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