Essay about Expanding The Concepts Of An Economically Free Society

Essay about Expanding The Concepts Of An Economically Free Society

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Expanding the Concepts
In an economically free society; such as the City of Plantation, the role of government is to create value for society by producing services that citizens or customers consider beneficial. When this is being done they would have used resources wisely, deliver services, make a profit, and societal well-being will be enhanced. However, cronyism or nepotism diverts resources from the needs of consumers and toward political purposes, oftentimes because of the absence of a strong union body. Nevertheless; Plantation has exemplified its success as a non-union city in a very clear way; for example, through training seminars, management engagement with employees, education and their open door policy that they claim engages every employees and citizen. Hence, the elected officials and management claim that there is no need for a union body to be a mediator between its management and its employees (City of Plantation History, 2013).
A clear description of the research topic
More than a century of social science interest in the question of political patronage and union protection in the public sector has resulted in numerous laws and techniques to isolate, identify its presence, and fixed it. Although no method is without its limitations, some provisions provide a variety of perspectives that can help us understand to what degree the absence of union has benefited cities such as Plantation. Identifying and proving that their approach and service render to their employees have eliminated the need for a union body is complicated and challenging at best. Given the fact that, cronyism, political patronage/ hires and protection of unqualified employees are sometimes hard to describe and define in the absence o...

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...mine the extent to which these practices are being instituted in their workplace, and if it has a direct correlation to the absence of a union body. Finally, this research will recommend some procedures to be implemented, provide a forum for discussion in the city, and policies to promote educational benefits to the organizational.
Other research questions that would consider relevant to this study would be: What are the negatives effects of a unionized city? Are their differences in performance of employees of a non-union and a union city? How interesting are job seekers willing to work for a union or non-union city?
A hypothesis about the topic will be: Is the City of Plantation a positive effect of a non-union city? Is their claim of their education and training its secret to a successful non-union city? Are there union cities that are successful just as theirs?

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