Essay about Expanding Successfully in the Global Marketplace

Essay about Expanding Successfully in the Global Marketplace

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As a way to improve profit margins companies have begun to view outsourcing as a necessary business strategy. India, with its low labor costs and strong technical expertise has become an attractive choice (Prasso, 2007). However, due to both cultural differences and compatibility issues numerous problems have been reported. A common mistake made is thinking there is a single national culture within India and that all individuals/social groups will behave the same regardless of geographic location (Prasso, 2007). According to Hofstede & McCrae (2004) national culture differences in work-related values and personality traits “interact to shape the behavior of individuals and social groups”. By researching and understanding how various personality traits within the national culture interact, valuable insights for effectively outsourcing to India can be determined.
In order to expand successfully in a global marketplace, organizations must be able to adapt to various multicultural differences. Research indicates that national culture affects various core business activities such as leadership practices, ethics, sales and marketing, communication, etc. (Hofstede, 1980). Consequently, understanding and being sensitive to these cultural differences has become a necessary competence to align U.S. organizational practices to the business practices within India (Corporate Leadership Council, 2003). Further research indicates a shortage of business leaders with the necessary skills and competence to be successful within the global marketplace (Corporate Leadership Council, 2005).
In 1980, Hofstede published his work Culture’s Consequences which has provided a proven methodology for identifying and understanding national cultural dimen...

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