Expanding SG's Free Printing to the Hub Essay

Expanding SG's Free Printing to the Hub Essay

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Budget and Schedule
Expanding SG’s free printing to the Hub is a fairly inexpensive project, and it is easily manageable by Student Government’s annual budget. Currently, SG’s free printing at the Reitz Union is funded from the Computer Lab Printing fund, and the yearly budget comes from the Activity and Service Fee of the student tuition ($14.55/credit hour). The approved printing fund is calculated to be $125,740 for the 2013-2014 fiscal year, and it is approximately 0.66 percent of SG’s $18 million budget [1]. The total cost associated with expanding SG’s free printing to the Hub includes equipment, maintenance, labor, and marketing costs.

Equipment Cost
The required machineries for this project are computers, printers, and thin-line clients. Even though free printing at the new location will increase student population and printing demands, it is still possible to use existing computers and printers, which are expected to last five years. However, additional thin-line clients are necessary to connect to the central servers for releasing print jobs. Considering the location and the number of students who will use it, 2 new thin-line clients should be purchased, and the total cost is estimated to be $640 (approximately $320/thin-line client) [2].
In addition to the technical machines, it is necessary to have consumable goods such as ink, toner, and copy paper for printing. Currently, SG has a contract with an electronic company located in Gainesville named B&B, and SG pays them $0.008/ page from the printing fund for proving the necessary toners and printers for current ten printing stations under Student Government [2]. However, SG provides the copy papers, but it is inexpensive. Fifty packets of standard size copy papers (8 ½...

... middle of paper ...

...t utilization of student fees, and it is a useful and inexpensive way for SG to serve the student body better. An effective approach will show that SG is aware of students’ needs and is willing to meet those needs. Moreover, the new printing station at the Hub will increase the student traffic, thus providing more business and making a better revenue source for the businesses.

SG-FPI’s proposal to expand free printing to the Hub benefits students and helps SG to use its resources more responsibly to serve the students better at lower cost. The new free printing station will be a convenient location for the students, and it also will help them to focus on studies by saving time and money. Thus, we, Student Government Free Printing Initiative (SG-FPI), respectfully urge you to respond to the students’ needs by taking necessary steps to allow free printing at the Hub.

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