Essay about Expanding Leagues, Expanding Cities

Essay about Expanding Leagues, Expanding Cities

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Expanding Leagues, Expanding Cities

Sports have always played a major role within societies. The area of Rome was
the most populated area of the world during the time of the Roman Empire. The form of
sport most demanded by the large population was watching two men fight till the death.
These Gladiators were personified as larger than life beings and were able to captivate
tens of thousands with a swing of a sword.

People flooded to cities where they could watch these Gladiators fight. The
popularity of these events grew so immensely stadiums were built that were able to hold
over 80,000 screaming fans. Daily these fans would pack these massive arenas to watch
the Gladiators fight. Not much has changed today. Though today’s sport entertainers
aren’t referred to as Gladiators, but rather professional athletes. Society today, now more than ever, is driven by professional athletics.

As cities grow in population, there becomes an increasing demand for more
teams. League expansions have been occurring just as population expansion has
occurred. Cities look to gain a sense of community through athletics by bringing
professional sports to their city.

Expansion is beneficial to both leagues and cities. Leagues benefit financially,
mainly from television deals, and cities grow in popularity and population. It is because
of this mutual gain that leagues continue to expand.

Before a city can take on the responsibility of starting a franchise, it must prove a
demand for the product. A high-ticket sale is the main aspect a professional league looks
for when deciding where to go next. Just like in any business, both sides don’t want to
get themselves into an unprofitable arrangement where millions can be lost. For...

... middle of paper ... seem to enjoy having more teams, everyone does not want
league expansion. There are traditionalists that feel that league expansion dilutes the
talent around throughout the league. Instead of teams being able to have 3 or 4 “star”
caliber players bringing competitive games each night, expansion keeps most teams at
around 2 “stars” with mismatched competition being the result.

Regardless whether league expansion is liked or not, as long as there is money to
be made the trend will continue. Cities with a growing population and improving
business and industry sector give the best chance for high revenues to be made. As
private investors continue to see expansion as a profitable venture, leagues will continue
to expansion.

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