Expanded Comparison of Leadership Articles Essay

Expanded Comparison of Leadership Articles Essay

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This is a comparison of three articles and all the components which are required for a research study. It is a qualitative assessment conducted to measure the validity of research articles, and is accomplished by comparing, contrasting and synthesizing the information. Article one; is a study of existing paradigms which studies the leadership known as transformational. It is suggested in this article that public organizations are not as bureaucratic as people stereotype them. It is further noted that the performance measures which are in place support higher levels of the leadership known as transformational in spite of their hierarchical structures (Wright, 2010). Article two; explores two leadership types known as transactional and transformational, and the effect that these have on customer contact personnel. The author contends that customer satisfaction depends on customer contact personnel and their attitude. Factors such as charisma and consideration are instrumental with employee satisfaction and commitment to the organization in contrast to transactional methods, which do not produce the same effects (Emery C. R., 2007). Article 3; examines relationships between parental divergence, hostile parenting, and externalizing problems in children. The author states that that few studies have examined the association of family and child variables while also presenting the possibility of passive genotype– environment relationship (Harold, 2013).
Research Questions
In article one, the author studies the different cultures in the organizations and draws conclusively that; in organizations where the authority structure is more hierarchical, the leadership behaviors known as transformational is lower. Similarly; weaker ascendin...

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...s within the scope of my dissertation topic.

Works Cited

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