Existing Wayfinding Problem Research Essay

Existing Wayfinding Problem Research Essay

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What do you do when arriving at a city they have never been to before without any idea of how to get where they need to go? Typically, they will have to look for various types of information from different sources. First, a map of the city is a common necessity, perhaps it is in the form of a pamphlet. If they do not have their own personal vehicle they may need transportation information via the internet, or they may even use GPS tools to get from place to place. Don’t forget a booklet of all the basic translations and another booklet of all the hottest places to visit! The issue with this is that all items of information are not in the one place.
When looking at smaller forms of wayfinding, such as a hospital, the information all tends to be combined. There may be a map of the entire hospital or various levels and there is also a reception desk. If you speak a different language things may become a little trickier, however the use of the reception area to help narrow what you’re looking for, while talking to people in real-time tends to lead to a solution somewhat easily. Now, if we compared visiting a hospital to visiting a new city, there is much more information needed and on a much larger scale. There is not always the option of talking to a receptionist or heading to the elevator to find a map. Planning ahead is vital to visiting a new city.
Tourism wayfinding typically involves significant planning prior to visiting a new city and much of the enjoyment of the trip relies heavily on this previous planning. Barry Brown undertook studies to find exactly what problems tourists face and how to solve them. He found that there were four main issues for tourists: ‘What activities to do, how to do those activities, when to do th...

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