Existentialism : The Ideas Of Life And Death Essay

Existentialism : The Ideas Of Life And Death Essay

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The ideas of life and death are often questioned and it’s hard to find a way to explain what happens, but the theory of Existentialism and the practice of Absurd Theatre take a look at these ponderings. Existentialism is a philosophical idea that was focused on trying to find life’s purpose and while answering the questions about death and meaning to life that was explored by Tom Stoppard, in his absurd play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.
Existentialism is a philosophy centered on the analysis of why humans exist and what their purpose is to life through trying to look at things such as the ideas of death and the meaning of life (Existentialism 1). It is centered on the ideas of finding yourself through free will, choice and personal responsibility. The ideas of existentialism have been around for a while. The ideas were first looked at in the 19th century. They were highly thought of and explored by Nietchze, Satre, and Camus (Maslin 2). The ideals of existentialism were further explored in the 1940’s and 50’s when the Great Depression and World War Two were ending (Maslin 2). People were living in a time where they were looking for meaning in life after a terrible and traumatic time for the nation. It became popular because it looked at the purpose we have for life and started to look for answers to questions like why we are on Earth and how to find meaning to life.
Existentialism has a very brief skeleton outline that it follows that is quite abstract in its thinking. It is a philosophy about the human existence. Existentialists look at the ideas dealing with free will and how people search for who they are throughout life. They believe that you can never be fully satisfied in life because of the losses and sufferi...

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...lay to these views in many ways with absurd theatre. His play analyzed the views of human existence, with meaningless communication, while distorting character and tapping into a force that controls everything outside of nature (Bas 2). Stoppard did a very swell job at connecting everything together and making people think.
People are often looking about the meaning of life when everything comes crashing down like it did right after World War Two and the Great Depression. The views of Existentialism that were presented by Tom Stoppard, through the performance of Absurd Theatre helped give people the optistism they needed to keep going. These ideas may have been a product of a specific time period but left with it the news ideas of human expressions, helped increase the vocabulary of people, and gave people a new way to think about the purpose we have in the world.

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