Existentialism : The Common Definition Essay

Existentialism : The Common Definition Essay

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What is existentialism? The common definition is, “existentialism is a highly subjective philosophy that stresses the importance of the individual and emotional commitment to living authentically.” The way I view existentialism is, every human possess free will, and every individual is unique. Individuals have to take responsibility for their own actions and shape their own destinies. Relation to teaching, an individual is the sole judge of his or her own actions. Choice is vital and inevitable to human existence and growth. Important to existentialism, and which I believe to be important is the uniqueness of the individual. While saying this, there will always be an authoritative figure in your life whether it is you parents, law enforcement, and teachers. While you are growing and learning, you are moulded by who surrounds you, and while teachers may have certain control over aspects in your life, they should not ultimately take away free will, and expression.
The role of the teacher in a student’s life is more than simply being an educator. While being an educator is a large part of teaching, creating content and finding a way to convey it towards the student in a way that they will understand and learn from. A teacher will spend majority of the day in a classroom, the actual teaching component is only part of the job. The role of a teacher is so much more than just being the educator and controller, it involves promoting, being a resource for not only school work but life, the assessor, and also the participant. Teachers have to promote their content and also the actual process of learning. Teachers should strive to empower their students, create an environment where they feel safe and excited to learn. Teaching involves ass...

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...natively, the view put on a parent can be an increasing factor in stress for the child. The main way that this can be regarded, is that parents can put too much pressure on the child to succeed, and so much importance is placed on getting good grades it ultimately overwhelms the student.
Classroom organization and placement can make a large impact on student learning. Depending on the classroom placement, whether it’s in rows facing the front or grouped together can have very different outcomes on student learning and success. I believe that a classroom should be organized in a way that allows students to interact with each other and the teacher efficiently and effectively. The best way for this to happen is in small groups, but in a way that all students at a desk have an easy view point to the front of the classroom, to be able to look at notes or the teacher.

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