Essay about The Existentialism Of Absurdity And Dread

Essay about The Existentialism Of Absurdity And Dread

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Human beings are born everyday and when brought into this world, the only wish many parents have for them is to pursue their dreams and be themselves. The world thrives off human existence as well as individuality. This life can be absurd at times, but containing the absurdity and making life realistic is the ultimate goal. For Existentialists this world is absurd or at least they try to make it absurd. Franz Kafka is one Existentialist who makes life absurd in many books. Throughout Kafka’s work, “the existentialists ' conceptions of absurdity and dread are fully explored. Unlike the later existentialists, he did not derive a positive value from these modes of experience; the value of his writings lies in the intense lucidity of the exploration” (J. P. Stern). He explores fully in making the world seem absurd and does a fair job in doing so. Existential philosophers created theories designed to help struggling, lost souls find a purpose for their own existence.
Jean Paul-Sartre was known for his Existential beliefs and how he lived his life. French philosopher, Jean Paul-Sartre, lived from 1905-1980 and was often referred to as the, “leader of the existentialist movement” (Thomas R. Flynn). Sartre rejected the moral law that society lived by and wanted to have his voice and opinions be heard. One of his beliefs was, “that human existence is always individual and particular” (Hutchison). He believed that no two people were the same. An example being, “It is always a case of my existence and your existence, and the two are radically separate as though each of us lives sealed in a morally air tight world” (Flynn). While having strong beliefs in individualism he also believed strongly that, “As the individual chooses from a wide ra...

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...ogize or accept the responsibility.
Existentialists have great theories that many people should use. Responsibility is one of those theories. Each human being should accept responsibility for their actions in order to make the world a better place. Individuality is a great trait to have, but Existentialists believe that the human being has to make the path. This is partially true, but Christians believe God has already made each person’s path and they are to just follow His lead. Finally, absurdity brings out the best and worst of some people. This life can be absurd because of how incredible it is to have such amazing people and support. Existentialists look at absurdity by turning into a bug or pushing a rock up a mountain. Existentialists and normal human beings whom have basic beliefs and principles believe in a lot of the same themes, but for different reasons.

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