Existentialism Impacts the Meaning of Life Essay

Existentialism Impacts the Meaning of Life Essay

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Imagine living in a world that was black, white, apathetic, and just overall meaningless. Take in the consideration that life right now, was utterly different. Think how humans would represent life and how individuals would appear to society. The existentialists believe in the theory of existentialism which can be depicted as life has no meaning until it is given a purpose. Though everyone has a purpose in life; it is just a matter of discovering what the purpose is. Throughout literature authors use the theory of existentialism to urge humanity to consider the human condition that life has no meaning without purpose.
Life is too short to waste it and just let it pass by. Each person on Earth has an equal chance to do something life-changing, if humanity puts their minds to it. In order to feel some sort of accomplishment, existentialists believe that putting a purpose behind the scenes is all up to the human living that life. Philip Mairet wrote in his lecture that “…we reproached as people who deny the reality and seriousness of human affairs” (Existentialism Is a Humanism). As a society we lack the ability to achieve the greatness we hold as individuals. As the commonwealth, we do not hold a very excellent track record at being sensitive or emotional. Instead, we judge them or make them feel uncomfortable.
As a persona, we do a fantastic job at judging and isolating the other people around. As Philip Mairet says “…we are also reproached for leaving out of the account the solidarity of mankind and considering man in isolation” (Existentialism Is a Humanism). Though when it comes to being affectionate, we disregard the emotion, and isolate others on the account that it does not interfere with what we see happening in o...

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... the human condition and the impacts it has on individuals, others might be able to appreciate the purpose within them.

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