Existentialism : I Heart Huckabees Essay

Existentialism : I Heart Huckabees Essay

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The universe we inhabit seems to be an atypical one; some individuals deal with its foolishness by surrounding themselves with faith, while others neglect all its significance. Existentialism, however, ushers us down a unique course that obscures these views toward one unique belief structure. Even though we can encounter circumstances that are out of our control, we do have the ability to control how we deal with said circumstances and whether or not we choose to develop importance from them. The hunt for our true meaning is primitive and so are the answers that have maintained it throughout history. Certainly, life does not have a definite fixed meaning to it; it is up to each individual to discover their own relative objective and achieve their own happiness. This is precisely what Existentialism suggests, that it is not likely to know reality, thus it is up to the individual to discover his or her own, and then create their own meaning.
Seeking the ultimate truth of oneself is challenging. In the movie “I Heart Huckabees,” Existentialism plays a crucial role in searching for the ultimate truth of oneself. Existentialism is a philosophical point of view that stresses the individual’s unique position as a self determining agent (Academic). It also emphasizes the importance of free will, freedom of choice, the unique experiences of each individual, and the responsibilities of one’s choices and what one makes of oneself (Rooney). During the movie, the Existential detective, Jaffe explains to Albert that dismantle is “to help shut down your everyday perceptions and give up your usual identity that you think separates you from everything. This room, this street, this town, this country, this economy, this history, this planet. Yo...

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...s to say there is an intending to anything we do by any means? It is kind of regular to dole out signifance or some implication to everything and judge just on the thought of positive and negative which are one-sided towards our characteristic, transformative desire in any case. So whether it is religion or pre-deterministic destiny, our lives really do not make a difference. Keeping in mind I know everybody might want to trust that life is exclusively made out of freewill and the moves we make have divine outcomes, I have encountered an excess of occasions that compel me to have faith in only math driving everything. I am not going to stress myself with self censuring evaluations only to feel a worshiped feeling. It all stems from a requirement for a reason. What is more, you do not really require one, you essentially exist. That is it. It is all only an amusement.

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