Essay on Existentialism And Meursault

Essay on Existentialism And Meursault

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The Connection between Existentialism and Meursault
An existentialist represents their choices throughs their actions, opposed to with their words (Corbett). Therefore, someone who expresses the ideals of existentialism may be a threat to society because of their differences in morality compared to others. In The Stranger, by Albert Camus, Meursault was always looking to find meaning in his life because of everything that was happening to him at the time; and that is a key characteristic of someone embracing the ideals of existentialism. Sadly, through Meursault’s search for his inner meaning, he ended up taking the life of another man with very little realization of what he had done. Throughout The Stranger, by Albert Camus, Camus portrays the ideals of existentialism through Meursault’s freedom of judgement and his unusual acts of will.
If you are an existentialist, you most likely will view the rules of society in a different way than everybody else. An existentialist will react in unusual ways; just like Meursault when he was holding a gun to the face of the Arab. In The Stranger, Meursault, after coming into an encounter with the cops says, “When leaving, I very nearly held out my hand and said, ‘Good-by’; just in time I remembered that I’d killed a man” (Camus 40). This is an ordinary reaction for an existentialist, almost like if they can not fully grasp the meaning if human life. According to Panza & Gale, “Existentialism is the study of existence”, which explains what could have possibly influenced how Meursault would react to certain situations (31). By saying that an existentialist takes existence to be everything can mean that someone following the philosophy of existentialism will view a desk to have the same level of...

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...interpret life like most other people can. Someone who is free and alone does not have any influence, meaning that they have no guidance or will from doing right and wrong.
Meursault was caught in his life by examining others and himself too closely, instead of finding true meaning and love. There was always something missing and it is never too clear on what is actually was. Through the murder and deprivation of all hope, Meursault became connected with the philosophy of existentialism and he frequently represented it. Every time someone tried to offer him hope he turned it down, trying to find something better within himself. If Meursault wasn’t so influenced by these ideals of existentialism, the whole plot of The Stranger would be flipped around. Meursault thought that he only needed himself, but fell short of realizing that he needed to fully find himself first.

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