Existentialism And Its Impact On Society Essay

Existentialism And Its Impact On Society Essay

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As one bends down to retrieve a copper coin on the street with rusted eyes staring back at him, he also sees his future. At least today’s society generates this idea when people see Abraham Lincoln gazing at them from the front of a penny on the sidewalk. Many use objects like this as symbols of significance that they can latch onto, as they gallop through life with the hand of an inherent whip striking at their rumps. These human animals whinny, neigh, and keep muzzled as deemed appropriate by the significance they continuously chase. Furthermore, this idea draws back to the 1800s where many allowed an inborn meaning to control their reins. However, some trotted off the beaten path and created a concept known as Existentialism, the idea that instead of following the paved path, like a mule, one should soar to his own heights, like an eagle. These “some” or few philosophers influenced those of the time period through their varying interpretations of this broad idea. Despite their deviating understandings, Existentialists follow their own beaten path of following no beaten path. Considering this, Existentialists create their own satisfying significance for existence, while simultaneously avoiding society’s alienating wrath.
Today’s society follows a pathway as they journey through the forest of life; however, Existentialists believe they must lay the stepping stones of this path in order to obtain a satisfactory lifestyle.To narrow down this Existential “pathway,” Existentialists detect no predetermined yellow brick road that must be followed to achieve a set of characteristics predisposed for a certain person, but rather a person simply lives his life with these qualities following as Toto would Dorothy. With that said, one must c...

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...urdity. However, he really justifies this tenet when he says, “Anyway the wind blows doesn’t really matter to me,” straightly meaning that literally nothing matters in life without meaning, without anything coming next. This theme, along with similar lyrics, become consistent throughout the song. On the other hand, from questioning suicide, to the attempt of escaping something, in the middle portion of the song, listeners may notice a bit of rising action that could be interpreted in a variety of ways. The rising action represents life, but in the end, the narrator finishes similar to how he started, with the absurd conquering all. He sings, “Nothing really matters. Anyone can see. Nothing really matters. Nothing really matters to me. Anyway the wind blows.” With that said, this absurd wind blows straight into another “world” or lyric respirating the same absurdity.

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