Existential Therapy : A More Effective Approach Essay

Existential Therapy : A More Effective Approach Essay

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Existential Therapy was chosen to assist Bonnie with her Issues. Existential therapy is a more effective approach because it deals with concrete issues. The theory focuses on the attitudes of individuals and important life themes. This type of therapy help individuals cope with everyday issues by understanding oneself, taking responsibility for oneself, and finding meaning in life. Existential therapy would be a great approach to address Bonnie’s depression, and anxiety symptoms, which stems from low self-esteem. The existential approach will help Bonnie with her depression by recognizing that she is depressed and accepting her feelings. Once, the depression is recognized than therapy will assist Bonnie with her anxiety by confronting unexpected events. Lastly, existential therapy will help Bonne with her self-esteem by finding meaning in life and becoming more self-aware.
View of Client Difficulties
Bonnie has self -esteem issues which is also contributing to her anxiety and depression. As a child, Bonnie was presented with a traumatic experience with her step father that took a toll on her self- esteem. She described her father as being very critical of her and judging a lot of things she done. She shared an experience of her father video-taping her eating as a child in order to make a point and shame her on the way she ate. Bonnie’s self-worth and confidence was damaged as a child. As a young adult she was not able to do things freely without being criticized or shamed by her father. Bonnie did not have the proper opportunity to grow mentally and develop a sense of positive self- worth. The negative interaction with her step father and lack of relationship with biological dad has created trust issues with men.

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...This theory will assist Bonnie with recognizing her past issues and not allowing it to interfere with her future. Therapy will not only help her cope with anxiety and depression but it will enhance her self-worth and help her become a better person.

In conclusion, the existentialism theory was selected to address Bonnie’s self-esteem, anxiety and depression. The existentialism approach focuses on real life issues such as important life themes. The techniques are simple and therapy consists of an empathetic approach from the therapist. Therapy assists individuals with coming to terms with their issues by developing a sense of self-worth and focusing on themselves. There were four techniques chosen to assist Bonnie with her low self- esteem. Using these techniques affectively will enhance Bonnie’s self-esteem and decrease her anxiety and depression.

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