Essay about The Existence of Myths

Essay about The Existence of Myths

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Human society basically need to seek for sufficient psychological fulfilment. In order to achieve this fulfilment, myths are made as projections of people's deep unconscious will (ex 1. 4). Jung found a fact that myths frequently repeat themselves similarly, even in different parts of the world, which leads him into a conclusion that there are inherited insights in people's unconscious minds (ex 1. 1). These corresponding notions that people have in their mind is further called as collective unconscious (ex 1. 2). The collective unconscious is necessary to be expressed, one of the means is by expanding it into myths (segal joap 604). Similarly, Jung also believed that in order to achieve the wholeness of life, people need to vent their emotional needs through myths. Taking the opportunity to encounter their unconscious might help people to further realise the inner world within themselves. The yields of meeting the personal unconscious are the clarity and self realisation for each person's emotional values (segal joap 606). Thus, the need of people's psyche is satisfied when people have reached some certain images that sufficiently give the explanations of the meanings of the existence of human being in the nature. These images add meanings to people's lives and make various hinderances people usually meet more endurable. On the other hand, life without meanings leads to an adversity, since the psychological demands cannot be fulfilled, which might elicit stress and depression (ex 1. 13). In conclusion, myths hold a very significant role in human society, not only as the crucial psychological fulfilment of people's psyche, myths also serve as the mean to encounter the unconscious mind.

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...mplement of one another, neither rationality nor myths should eliminate each other. People who abandon myths in the hope to achieve scientific insight will find themselves isolated from the nature, since they no longer able to be involved in nature and will have severed their deep source of emotional energy (ex 2. 7). In order not to loss their spiritual values, people should return back to their unconscious whenever the ties between their conscious and unconscious mind have been broken, since the the main reason conscious are formed at the first place was by the unconscious itself (segal mavsi 102-103). Altogether, the replacement of myths by scientific views is able to be avoided and should be prevented, because it is necessary for people to have contacts with their unconscious minds. On the other hand, not capable of doing so will endangered the society itself.

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