The Existence Of God Has Been Contested And Analyzed By Philosophers Essay

The Existence Of God Has Been Contested And Analyzed By Philosophers Essay

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The existence of God has been contested and analyzed by philosophers consistently through time. St. Thomas simplifies God’s existence into 5 proofs, of which perhaps the first and second are the most salient. God as the immovable mover and uncaused cause, follow from the concepts of act and potency, along with the principle of the efficient cause. The fifth proof dealing with the governance of the universe is also worth mentioning, and while all these arguments are well thought out there is room for dissension on the basis of disagreement with the foundations Aquinas bases them on.
Our proofs of God come from some effect that requires the existence of God as the cause. We as humans know things through our senses that are close to us before moving to knowledge of things independent of the here and now through reason. Every sense we have is an effect, and every effect must have some discernable cause. These causes must be in some way alike to their effects. There are certain principles of efficient causes that must be applied to all things. Firstly the efficient action is within the recipient, however once the cause has changed the substance it does not continue to have an effect on it. Cause and Effect are simultaneous, there is no temporal prior. Causing does not necessarily mean loss, it is possible to create some change without losing that effect in yourself. Causation cannot be sensed. No effect can be greater than its cause. If there is something greater than its original cause, it is only because there are other causes also acting on it. There is also the concept that while contingent existence does not require a beginning, there must be some origin of it which holds the source of existence. Thus there is the search for t...

... middle of paper ... changes because the action is in the recipient, and the cause has no need to change for an effect to take place. God is eternal because he is out of time, and without succession- just as causation is. This eternity is drawn from God’s immutability. Lastly the unity of God is implied through his simplicity. To be one signifies an undivided being, and that is only possible through simplicity.
In conclusion, both motion and existence require some first, and in that knowledge the proof of God is conceived. Aquinas bases his evidence on the science of the time, and for that reason it can be contested. The attributes of God compound on one another, and their underlying principle is Aquinas’ proof that God is the efficient cause. The concept of God will no doubt be contemplated for the entirety of time, but it would seem that on this day Aquinas remains the master.

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