The Existence Of God : An Entity That Has Influenced Society Throughout A Great Period Of Time

The Existence Of God : An Entity That Has Influenced Society Throughout A Great Period Of Time

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God has been an entity that has highly influenced society throughout a great period of time. Christianity has been part of my life since the day I was baptized into the Catholic religion. I’ve always perceived God as someone who has fair judgement and is all-loving. Throughout time several people from different parts of the world follow the Christian religion because they see it as a beneficial way of life. Being a believer of God has allowed me to understand how there is several ways to see God, and be able to acknowledge his existence through our own eyes.
The existence of God has been challenged by biblical scholars. These challenges show their opinions in the theory of his existence, and be able to understand the different ways of thinking from other perspectives. For example, biblical scholar Richard Rohr uses, “Those who know God are always humble; those who don 't know are invariably quite sure of themselves.” (Rohr pg. 111). Rohr is explaining his perspective on how people know God. In this case, Rohr is making assumptions about how people believe in God by explaining the type of person one is. Meaning how people are fully humble they are the true believers in the existence of God, but there are people who can be very intricate and be full believers of his existence. In addition, there are biblical scholars that explain their point of view towards atheist. For instance, John Haught utilizes, “But surely they must realize that their own belief system, scientific naturalism, would never have established itself in the modern world were it not for the tolerance extended to "Freethinkers" by the same religious cultures that give rise to science" (Haught pg. 10). Haught uses this in order to correlate between the existence of r...

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...ainst believing in God instead of just doing their own things. For instance, Haught says, “Religious habits are so deeply rooted in human mammals and are so prevalent that they need an explanation that goes deeper than culture” (Haught pg. 56). The new atheist are trying to seek evidence about religion. In my opinion, this is a wrong thing to do because it go against those who believe in faith blindly. This is because religion is about believe in something in which we can’t see because there is no actual evidence that can proof such events occurred in the past.
As a result, the overall take about my personal views within God have drastically change over the period of this course due to new level of understanding through the readings. Thus explaining how this course has greatly influence my thoughts about religion by allowing me to learn more about the belief in God.

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