The Existence of Evil and God´s Omnipotence Essay examples

The Existence of Evil and God´s Omnipotence Essay examples

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The problem of evil is very simple: Why would evil exist if there were an omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent and all perfect god? Evil has been a major obstacle for those who hold tough faith in a higher being. With suffering being a normal aspect of life on earth (not limited to the rest of the universe), it becomes a challenge to maintain faithfulness in a good, fair and just god who can watch as the world swarms with pain and injustice. The problem of evil challenges a greater deity and suggests that a higher entity cannot exist with evil. There are two ways to approach such a problem. Either by reducing the meaning of God and removing certain characteristics from a deity because the idea of an all powerful god and evil existing is nonsensical or by accepting evil and considering it as a trial or a test of loyalty from god that will eventually lead to a reward on Judgment Day.

In Leibniz’s Theodicy, he doesn’t attempt to prove the existence of both evil and God’s omnipotence; so much as he tries to argue that is plausible and reasonable to believe in a god with the evident existence of evil. He does so by justifying (or attempts to) the evil in the world. His main justification is that this is “the best of all possible worlds” because if it weren’t, evil would exist in a much greater, powerful form and a benevolent god is free to create “any possible world he pleased.” He also argues that creating the world (universe) with the least amount of evil is a moral obligation that a perfect god would need to abide by, because anything less would make god evil (to an extent). That being said, Leibniz doesn’t completely reject the concept of evil existing and thinks it is beneficial for the universe to contain evil because of “Th...

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...plain why evil exists if god is all knowing, all good and benevolent. A benevolent god should be more than capable of creating morally sound humans (and animals) who wouldn’t need a bigger picture to appreciate the good and remain moral. My only criticism of Hume is that his arguments are not necessarily timeless. We are not as limited as we used to be and we continue to thrive everyday, however that is expected of Hume since he hadn’t experienced the medical and scientific strides achieved over the years and knowledge must first be experienced.

The problem of evil will always continue to elude us. For centuries, humans have been trying to reach a conclusion as to why evil exists. Evil has been studied scientifically and philosophized but conclusions are never reached. There’s nothing we can do but learn to accept that it is a natural part of the world we live in.

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