Essay on The Existence of Bigfoot

Essay on The Existence of Bigfoot

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Through American mythology one creature has stood out. This creature has gained popularity over the past 20 years, leading many people to believe that the existence of this creature is impractical and illogical. This creature is known by most as the American Bigfoot. The thought of a giant monkey roaming around the North American continent sounds preposterous and illogical. The fact is though it might not be that crazy at all. There are thousands of sightings in the books just within the past twenty years and more being added yearly. While there are plenty of people who just leave it at some crazy person who is either drunk, high, or just mistook some known animal for a Bigfoot. The thing is that it might not be crazy to say it could exist or it does exist. The facts that are in place prove that the concept of a Bigfoot living in North America is very likely.
Most people tend to dismiss the thought of a bipedal creature roaming the forests of North America because the thought of a six to nine foot tall ape seems childish. In all reality though there is a species of ape that once roamed the forests of China. This ape towered about nine feet tall scientist estimate. The name of this ape is Gigantopithecus. Now the thought of an extinct ape running around North America might sound stupid but who says that there is not a North American version of this ape that has survived. This is a very possible explanation to what Bigfoot is. You may be asking yourself,” if that is true why has one never been seen or caught or even a body found?” Well the answer to that is simple
The majority of creditable Bigfoot sightings are mainly linked to the Pacific North West. The reason why no one has captured any of these creatures or found any bodies ...

... middle of paper ...

...ere is not a physical creature in captivity there is more than enough evidence to prove that there is something out there and it is not a myth.

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