The Existence Of A Human Being Is Like A Wild River Essay

The Existence Of A Human Being Is Like A Wild River Essay

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Our future

The existence of a human being is like a wild river, we know where starts but we do not know what course will be taking, or where will be ending. For the most part, each individual is born with a “life path” that based on their socioeconomic status and cultural background will dictate their success or failure in life. The one thing that all human beings have in common regardless of socioeconomic status is their life-span, everyone has a beginning and an end. Each person undergoes the same process, they require extra help and support during the first and last years of their life. From conception to birth society expects a baby, communities guide a child into adulthood, and then forgets about the elderly. The future is hard to predict, but as we grow older the fear of retirement, illness and social isolation is inevitable.

First, many people do not want to retire and not because they do not want to, but because they can not afford to live with what social security can give them. It is well known that retirement is not what used to be. Nowadays social security is giving less money, making it harder for older people to retire and enjoy life. According to Social Security Administration, the baby boomers are in part responsible for their funds running out. Future funds are determined on the based on babies being born. It is predicted that the social security benefits will be reduced about 13 percent over the next 22 years, and if this strategy works then we will have enough money to pay about 76% of benefits till the year 2037. Now, what will happen to people like me and others that we are not expected to be retiring by 2037? Are we going to get another program, or we should start getting worry about retirement? Accor...

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...Our society is changing so fast, that we do not know what the future will look like in six months let alone in 20-30 years.

To sum up, consciously or unconsciously retirement, illness and social isolation fears are part of every human being future plans. The first thing one has in mind for future plans are: How to pay for expenses, what will happen if I get sick, who’s going to be there for me, and the list continues. As much as one plans ahead, we can not be certain of those answers, time will tell. One can never be too prepared for the future, and we all should start saving to help ourselves and our loved ones to plan ahead. We should use the present economic situation to evaluate what the future might have for us. Although times are hard, we should prepare for a tougher future, and start saving and teach our offspring’s to save money for a brighter future.

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