Exercises for Stregnthening the Transverse Abdominis Muscle Essay

Exercises for Stregnthening the Transverse Abdominis Muscle Essay

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Your transverse abdominis, or TVA muscle, is the foundation of any movement your make. This deep lying muscle, which is located underneath your rectus abdominis, stabilizes your lower back and pelvis, and assists during the breathing process. Targeted exercises can strengthen your TVA and have a corset-like effect; the muscle develops inward, forming a frame around your stomach and tightly holds it in. This slims your waist, and also improve your posture, balance, and stability. (See References 1)
Suck in Your Tummy

Drawing your belly button to your spine engages and strengthens your TVA muscle, and can be done all throughout the day, whether you're sitting in a chair, standing in line in the grocery store, or lying in bed. Also known as the stomach vacuum, this exercise is easiest when lying on your back with your knees bent. Exhale and pull your belly button to your spine as much as you can. Hold the contraction in your tummy for five seconds, but don't hold your breath -- breathe normally. Do this five times, and slowly work your way up to doing three sets of eight, 10-second contractions. For a challenge, do the exercise on all fours. (See References 2)
Act Like a Plank

The plank exercises is really a full-body exercise that challenges your entire core including your TVA muscle. During this exercises you're holding your body up by your forearms and toes, aligning from your heels up to your head. Your butt and leg muscles are engaged, your looking down at the floor. It's essential to pull your navel to your spine to help stabilize your torso and keep your back straight. Sagging your rib cage to the floor and pushing your hips up is a no-no; remain straight as a plank. Work your way up to holding this position for five breat...

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Bamboo Core Fitness: Get A Strong Core With The Forward Ball Roll [http://bamboocorefitness.com/the-forward-ball-roll/]
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