The Exercise : The ' Meditation Slim ' Journey ' Essay

The Exercise : The ' Meditation Slim ' Journey ' Essay

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The ‘Meditate Slim’ journey is designed to inspire and empower you, raise your awareness, and teach you techniques to improve your mind-body connection. Throughout these eight weeks – in simple terms – you are going on an ‘enlightened diet.’ One that focuses internally instead of externally.

Like most individuals that begin this course, you are probably excited because this is very different than anything you have tried before. You aren’t going to be encouraged to fast, or undergo an extreme detox or lengthy cleanse. With that being said, you are probably starting this program FEELING sluggish, lethargic, puffy, irritated, and have an overall “bleh” feeling. But don’t worry – that is why I am here for you.

Throughout the course, as you shift your awareness you will also discover that your tolerance for these feelings will change. As you improve upon your self-love, you will surprisingly discover that don’t want to feel this way anymore and are WILLING to do what it takes to change – and this includes changing your diet. Instead of eating packaged junk, your cravings will change to clean foods and lifestyle choices that are in alignment with what will support you towards becoming the healthiest happiest person possible!

Simply, as your awareness changes, I encourage you to begin adding in all the “good stuff” into your life while crowding out the “bad.” This will prevent you from feeling deprived and allow your body to adjust to accepting this new way of thinking.

I have worked with the leading experts in holistic health and functional medicine as well as with hundreds of clients, and from all my studies I am going break down an eating plan that you can incorporate during this program tha...

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... of coaching that nothing will change before you accept that YOU ARE worthy of a new life.

So begin this course with the conscious choice to commit to the discipline of a positive, fun, and rewarding life that leads to self-love, self-worth and the body you have always desired. Commit to concentrating on these principles and then commit to using them until they become a total part of your awareness.

You are WORTHY. Otherwise, you would not be here wanting to take this next step.


This course is a pressure-free environment that focuses on your journey. You are in competition with no one. So take the pressure off yourself and enjoy the process! A healthy body and mind begins here.

Again, thank you for putting your trust in me and the process behind this course. My love goes with you. This journey is more important than you could ever know.

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