Exercise Regimen : My Exercise Program Essay

Exercise Regimen : My Exercise Program Essay

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Since starting my current exercise program, I have already noticed small, positive changes not only in my body but also with my entire lifestyle. Before the starting this class, I also assumed that I was physically fit because of my petite, slender body frame; but since starting this class, I have learned that being physically fit doesn’t always reflect a person’s outwards appearance.
When I started the first week of my exercise program, I have a tough time completing all of the workouts and an even harder time staying motivated. By the time I started my seventh exercise of the day I was winded and on the verge of giving up and calling it a day. I soon realized that the reason why it was so hard for me to complete my exercise regimen is because I was not physically fit. Although I feel as if I am at a perfect weight, my weight is not as relevant to my health as I had previously thought it was. It was then that I decided I would commit to my exercise program to improve my overall health.
Although I started my exercise program in October, the weather in Arizona was still extremely ho...

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