The Exercise Regimen And Exercise Workout Essay

The Exercise Regimen And Exercise Workout Essay

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the knowledge about actions that are preventing you from achieving your desired state. Knowing those bad actions (or bad choices) you have been taking as well as still are taking, will arm you with the right knowledge about the dreadful consequences such bad choices entail. Being aware of each choice you make, especially the bad, negative choices, will motivate you to make good, positive choices in place of the bad, negative ones you have been making so far. So, what you need to do starting right NOW is- track every aspect of your eating (aka nutritional) habits plus your exercising (aka strength/endurance training) habits. You are going to track every single bite, every single gulp your take without fail. At the same time, you will track every physical exercise you perform during the week, the intensity as well as the duration of the exercise. You can begin the exercise regimen by starting to walk for 5 minutes daily. After one week, walk for 6 minutes, after second week, walk for 7 minutes, so on and so forth. You can also incorporate light jogging for 1 minute for every 5 minutes you walk (i.e. the ratio of jogging to walking should be 1:5), to increase the intensity of the exercise. After one month has ended, you will be walking for 9 minutes daily, including a 1 minute light jog. By the end of three months, you will be walking for 17 minutes daily, including a 3 minute light jog. Towards the end of 6 months, the walking time will increase to 29 minutes (approx. half an hour), while the jogging time will increase to 5 minutes. I can bet that though the process will seem difficult at first, you will start enjoying the results after the initial one week; by the end of one month, you will have developed a good, solid habit with ...

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...oices are as well as how ugly their consequences will be without a shadow of doubt. By knowing the outcome of choices you are about to make plus by understanding the consequences of actions you are about to take, you will make wise decisions that furthers your plans. You will know that poor/bad choices will adversely affect your future, so you would be forewarned to stop taking those actions. Also, the feeling of regret about bad choices, bad actions in your past should fuel your desire to minimize undertaking similar activities that will leave you in a rut for the future. Moreover, you will not make reckless, imprudent decisions that will preclude you from implementing/executing your plans since you want to move ahead in life at a rapid pace with as little downtime as possible. The only time you are not working is when you need to recharge, to recoup your energies,

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