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Exercise Is A Good Health Essay examples

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As the saying goes “health is wealth”, a good health is as primary a need in human life as food, clothing, and shelter. Exercise plays a key role in achieving a good health. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, exercise can be defined as the “physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier”. Scott Roeben, a humorist and creator of the award-winning humor Web site, Dribbleglass.com.Scott, in his article “The Case Against Exercise” states that the claim that exercise is a good and positive thing is a ludicrous claim and is the most destructive rumor among the rumors spread upon the humankind. He believes that exercise causes human suffering rather than promoting better health and a longer life and that the hazards of exercise have been kept from us for years. According to him, those who belief that exercise promotes better health and a longer life has been brainwashed. I believe Scott is wrong in claiming that exercise is not good and positive thing because researchers have proven the effect of exercise to be good and positive for the effective functioning of human life. Not only does exercising benefit a physical body, but also emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being.
In his article, Scott claims that it is not a minority society or a group that has spread the rumor that exercise is beneficial for human health but some of our most respected celebrities (Suzanne Sommers, Jack LaLane etc.) are part of this hoax. He insists that we have apparently lost our ability to reason because we believe that exercise has health benefits. Firstly, believing that exercise has health benefits is actually good; therefore, it is not us but the author who has lost his ability to reason. Secondly, to support his cl...

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...oxygen supply to the brain which provides it the energy to think and thus contributes to better concentration and memory. The article also illustrates a study done in German which found that older people enjoying mild exercises were half as likely to suffer from cognitive impairment as they age and scored better on attention and memory tests. Also, children walking to school concentrated better and got better test result than those given lifts in the car.
To conclude, Roeben wrongfully disapproved the claim that exercise is a good and positive thing. He should have based his research on the reliable and trustworthy websites instead of trusting websites such as http://www.guy-sports.com/humor/sports/sports_quotes.htm before arriving at the facts he stated in his article. Exercise is a good and positive thing and making a habit of exercising daily is very beneficial.

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