Exercise At The End Of The Educational Interventions Essay

Exercise At The End Of The Educational Interventions Essay

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Program Objectives
At the end of the educational interventions, I will like my students to know: many different types of exercises to promote weight loss, healthy diet food to eat , and risk factors for individuals who are obese. There are many types of exercises which are: jogging, aerobic exercise, walking, swimming, and Zumba (dancing). In jogging, an individual can lose many calories, and jogging can also boost the individual metabolic rate and shed unwanted fats in the individual’s body.
The healthy diet foods that are recommended to eat are: fruits, vegetables, yogurt, baked meat, and drink water after every meal. It is always important to eat three meals a day and two snacks. If an individual does not eat the amount of food, then the individual will not lose weight in a timely manner. The foods that will need to be avoided are: no bread products, caffeine products, sugar juice, pasta, fried foods, candy, and potato chips. Be aware that if the individual is on a low energy diet, it can affect their fetal microbiota. There was a study that was conducted regarding fetal microbiota, and the study last between five and twelve months. The findings of the study were that the high protein on the low energy diet affected the fetal microbiota (Simoes, Maukonen, & Scott, 2014, p.1421).
In aerobic exercise, it can shelter stored calories. According to the article, Diet and Exercise Weight-loss Trial in Lactating Overweight and Obese Women, researchers had conducted a study on individuals who are obese that completed an aerobic exercising, and the findings of this study were aerobic exercising reduce body weight ( Bertz & Blekke, 2012, p.698). In walking, walking can improve joint problems and increase weight loss (Skinny with Fibe...

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... into my education program by supporting and encouraging my participants that God will always be happy with your body when the participants loses weight. According to the journal article, The Protective Role of Attachment to God Against Eating Disorder Risk Factors: Concurrent and Prospective Evidence, God will never want the participants to be dissatisfied with their body, and always be happy about how God created you” (Homan & Boyatzis, 2010,p. 239).
Another way that I will address a biblical worldview into my education program by stating to my participants that it is always important to pray to God throughout the program. It might be times that the participants might feel discouraged, depress, or feel like giving up when proceeding through a process of losing weight, and the participants should always pray and talk to God about the situation and to never give up.

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