Exercise And Stay Fit And Healthy Essay

Exercise And Stay Fit And Healthy Essay

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I want to exercise and stay fit and healthy; how about you? And it is *super easy* to find time, space, and energy to do so. Most moms don’t have enough to do anyway, so squeezing in one more thing isn’t hard *at all*. Sorry. I think I snorted a bit. That is certainly not my reality, and I’m betting it is not yours either.

So what is a busy mom to do? For some, hitting the gym might be just the ticket to workout success. Time away from the house and kids to rejuvenate body and spirit is workable for some, but having the ability or the desire to join a gym is not my reality, nor is it the reality for many moms. Here are some tips for busy moms who are trying to make working out at home actually *work*.

#### Set a Budget
I know, I know, part of the lure of exercising at home is the allure of saving money. We’re not paying gym membership fees, so it should be free, right? Well, not exactly. Home fitness often requires some sort of up front investment, but don’t get caught up on pricy gadgets, as they are not necessary and often prove to be far less effective than as advertised.

The cost of an at-home workout can be as affordable as a $10 jump rope, or as expensive as a full home gym. But do not trick yourself into thinking it is totally free. Even running through the park or walking around your neighborhood requires a decent pair of shoes. Be honest about how much you can and want to spend, but do not spend without actually dedicating time to thinking about what implements you truly need and will enjoy using.

#### Commit to a Scheduled Time

Our days are long and continually busy. If you are hoping to squeeze a workout in when you find a few spare minutes, I’ve got news for you. It won’t happen. We tend to put off the things...

... middle of paper ...

...o choose from, no matter what sort of workout sparks your interest. Streaming services for exercise routines exist. Membership sites like Spark People or Weight Watchers Online offer support and camaraderie from an online community of like-minded women working toward the same goal. The web can be your best ally, so be sure to use it.
#### Be Kind to Yourself
This might be the most important facet to ultimate success. We tend to be far too hard on ourselves, and moms are more prone to dialing up internal guilt to soul-splitting decibels. Some days you’ll blow it, and that’s okay. We’re all human, and we all fall short from time to time. Just pick yourself back up and keep going. My favorite inspirational quote is a Japanese proverb: *Fall seven times. Stand up eight*. As long as you keep standing back up, you *will* reach your goals. So forgive yourself,and move on.

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