Essay on Exercise And Obesity For Kids

Essay on Exercise And Obesity For Kids

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The topic I choose is Exercise and Obesity for kids. The reason I choice this is because growing up I was able to have recess and after school activities that helped me burn energy and helped me focus more in school. With kids now the recess and gym time has changed for the worse in some school districts were they don’t have it at all. I feel this is bad because kids can’t focus and they don’t burn off energy and they also can lead to overweight. Outside of the schooling they don’t seem to get the physical activity that they need on a daily bases with technology and lack of trying or wanting to do things outside. I feel that it’s imperative that kids get their daily exercise to help them focus and maintain a healthy diet. Sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits can lead to a plethora of disease states including obesity. Obesity has been one of the leading health concerns facing American society for generations. Obesity has the potential to lead to multiple co-morbid conditions that can even be fatal thus making it imperative to prevent. Proper exercise is imperative in the effort to combat the dangers of obesity.
Obesity has become a prominent health concern for many Americans, including children and adults. There is a multitude of evidence that show that obesity is on the rise. “According to data from the china national surveys on the constitution and health of school children, the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents aged 7-18 years increased by 28-fold from 1985 to 2000” (Yu-bin et al., 2013, p.691).
The significant of the studies I used is to see how the physique of the children changed if any change was made compared to those same kids as a before and after to see if there were any significant...

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...prevent obesity in children. Incentive programs for adults through weight loss programs have also been helpful in the efforts of combating obesity (Muth, 2013, p.69).
The impact of this study on health care delivery isn’t that significant. The reason why I feel like this is because this is something that can and should be done for the health of children. In school outside of school anywhere they have the opportunity to get out and run around. I feel that as people become more aware of the benefits and how they can make changes to the lives of the generations that will run the future of this county it’s important that we lead them by example and that’s to be healthy and pass those methods to them. Even when children are disabled it doesn’t mean fitness is not important t to them and they need to work on physical activities as well as this study shows that to be true.

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