Essay on Executive Vice President Of Malard Manufacturing Company

Essay on Executive Vice President Of Malard Manufacturing Company

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This report has been commissioned by Julie Crandell, the executive vice-president of Malard Manufacturing Company, and will provide recommendations regarding long term managerial and communication strategies that will aim to improve future product development.

Due to advances in electronics, metallurgy and flow control theory, Malard Manufacturing Company is required to introduce new products every year or two. These new products have been associated with interdepartmental disagreement and conflict. Department managers are frustrated and becoming uncommunicative, departments are keeping plans secret and several department managers are new and inexperienced in new product development.

The key issues that this report will address is the management process of leadership within the organisation and how it can be applied to Malard Manufacturing Company to ensure efficient and successful future endeavours. There is also a definite lack of horizontal communication and upward communication within the company, issues that will be focused on throughout this report.

This report is based on the assumptions made about the lack of management processes and communication within the Malard Manufacturing Company, as the information provided in the case study is limited.

2. Discussion

2.1 Leadership

“Good management is needed to help an organisation meet current commitments, while good leadership is needed to move the organisation into the future.” (Samson, Catley, Cathro, & Daft, 2012, p. 559) The current organisational environment that Malard Manufacturing Company displays does not have an evident leadership strategy demonstrated by the managers of the departments. The only clear example of management within the case study is ‘Julie l...

... middle of paper ...

...rd communication channel within the organisation so that all levels of the hierarchy will be aware of activities occurring in the company. Mechanisms such as suggestion boxes, open-door policies, employee surveys and one-on-one meetings between executives and workers would ensure that everyone knew about the problems and exceptions, suggestions for improvement, performance reports, disputes and grievances and financial and accounting information for each aspect of the company.

Applying the horizontal communication quality circle idea to each department in the organisation will ensure that each department will know what their problems are and solutions to these issues, which can then be discussed between the department managers. This will keep all departments up to date with events and will guarantee a more accurate and efficient production process in the future.

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