Executive Summary : Executive Summary Of ' The Sole Responsibility Of Scanning Arthur Murray Studios '

Executive Summary : Executive Summary Of ' The Sole Responsibility Of Scanning Arthur Murray Studios '

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Executive Summary
I have been requested by AMS leadership to take the sole responsibility of scanning Arthur Murray Studios’ (AMS) organization environmentally to help develop a learning strategy and understand the importance of institutional learning by improving its tie to the current and future environment. Moreover, AMS wants to keep its organization as a learning organization. This consulting report offers the leadership of AMS with a partial analysis of how the leadership’s strategic plan compares against the influencing factors that may influence and or inspire the success of their present learning organization. “Ultimately, this vision is intrinsic not relative” (Senge, 1990, pg.138). Consequently, with the right course, AMS can focus on how to adapt their learning organization based on certain influencing factors before taking the next step. “Although in an ideal world, people will try to gain all relevant information, often people do not have either the opportunity or the motivation to do this” (Meertens & Lion, 2011, pg.647). Accordingly, this will be AMS’s much improved blueprint for a learning organization.
Influencing Factors in Organizational Learning
This report is only a partial nature of an improved system to inform AMS’ leaders how their strategic plan will be affected positively or negatively in light of the new and sudden influencing forces that are happening in Central Florida as well as in the dance industry. Consequently, there are many influencing factors for gathering and managing knowledge within a learning organization based on socially constructed elements: culture, history, and existence. These elements present what is learned, how learning occurs and are intrinsically tied to a learning organi...

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...influencing factors, both in terms of trends and recent news headlines raises two significant questions that AMS leadership may want to address as soon as possible:
• What strategic steps can AMS formulate to accommodate this increasing arrival of innovative knowledge in terms of services, lessons, language, personnel base and cultural understanding?

• How will AMS be able to maintain their mission, values, and goals when incurring more expenses to maintain a learning organization?

Therefore, since this consultation only represents a minor percentage, if you want to discuss further, creating a complete consulting report for your organization to become a learning organization, please contact me. Nevertheless, I will be delighted to serve you. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work on your initial consulting report based on the certain analysis.

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