Essay on Executive Profile Of Executive Dashboard

Essay on Executive Profile Of Executive Dashboard

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Basically, executive dashboard is integrating all of information throughout the entire business process. The most beautiful thing about the executive dashboard is that it puts all of data to one place, so managers don’t need to log in each management system to look for some certain data to do the overall analysis. It saves much time and is effective. Besides, executive dashboard is helping to present metrics, images, and diagrams from the systems that companies is currently using such as accounting and finance software, customer relationship management system, and supply chain system on a digital blackboard that everybody could visually see it. In other words, it is an easy way to build up an overall picture about the company business performance. On the other hand, based on the executive dashboard, managers could get deep understanding about how their business is going and improve the visibility about the business management and operation. Managers could get some senses and insights to do forecasting based on the real-time business performance. And it helps them to better manage company’s business and enhance the accuracy in the strategic decision-making level.
In addition, it is an easy way for executives to check the changes about the business models via the executive dashboard to monitor the entire process and control the potential risk. It means once any problems are realized, company could know which place in the business chain get trouble or where is the key to solve the problem because of the business map created by the executive dashboard and fix it right the way. It is saving a lot of time and increase the efficiency of the whole business management, because managers don’t need to do investigation in each level of the o...

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...he good experience with measuring customer data, business could make the assumptions about customers’ future behavior and desire, and come up with some ideas to catch customers’ attention and interests from the very beginning. In a word, the trinity mindset gives us a different way to think about the web analytics, and improve the web analytics from analytic level to strategic decision-making level, because it teaches us to change the focus of web analytics from data collection to data mining and understanding. On the other hand, trinity strategy is a good strategy to do web analytics today because today is big data times and data is easily and accessible for every one due to the Internet. The key to win the competition is to choose the right metrics and data to do analysis and get the answers you need to enhance business, which save time and increase the efficiency.

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